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Bioplate is an established market leader in providing cranial fixation solutions for neurosurgery around the world. Bioplate is a closely held corporation based in Los Angeles, CA.

Designed specifically for neurosurgeons and the operating room staff, the Bioplate® Cranial Fixation System is configured to meet the demands of any cranial fixation procedure, no matter how complex. The Bioplate system provides versatility, simplicity and value, offering the surgical team a comprehensive and cost-effective range of plates and screws.

Performance. Simplicity. Value.

Website: www.bioplate.com

B&H Surgical

B&H Surgical Instrument Makers have been serving the surgical trade since 1948 and during this time we have secured a reputation for both quality and innovation.

From their manufacturing base in North London, U.K, qualified technicians have been producing a wide range of single use instruments for use in many areas of surgery.

Our Quality Is Our Guarantee.

Website: www.bhsi.co.uk


German made medical instruments, Tuttlingen, Germany – Since 1976 we have been working successfully in the medical field.

The focus of all our measures and activities is the customer.

All instruments and devices of their product range are manufactured by well-trained and experienced skilled workers with special craftsmanship and by use of most modern machines and equipment. Dimeda offers a range of over 23 000 instrument codes.

Website: www.dimeda.de

EMD Medical Technology

EMD is an independent manufacturer with integrated product design, production and service. With own research and development department, EMD creates and engineers in its own on-site production centre. This competence accompanies each product during its entire lifetime – from the first sketches to final assembly. EMD services and repairs all of its products in own service centre to assure excellent after-sales services.
At EMD, we work together to elevate the possibilities for contemporary, minimal invasive surgical procedures. We set ourselves daring goals, nurture constant growth and engineer safe and innovative medical products that allow surgeons successfully perform the most advanced operations with maximum patient safety.
Through our product developments, our priority is to effectively support surgical procedures, which are still very difficult or can only be performed with conventional surgery, so that they could be carried out with as few and little incisions as possible. In the near future, we continue to focus on minimal invasive developments and present new products for spine,- neuro,- and laparoscopic surgery.
The quality of EMD products originates from the combination of passion for innovation and the constant search for excellence.
We are family of motivated individuals, driven by our desire to make innovative medical products available to modern medicine in a sustainable way.
At EMD we offer design, production and services, that enable medical professionals to perform advanced, minimal invasive operations.
Our mission is to support modern medicine by creating and providing first-class quality medical tools and devices.

Website: www.emd.hu/en

The RUHOF Corporation

Ruhof is an innovator and leading manufacturer world renowned for offering reliable solutions and individualized service to help you meet and exceed your decontamination and materials management challenges. As the pioneer in instrument and scope care, Ruhof introduced the first enzymatic detergent to the market in 1976.

Ruhof’s product line includes their Advanced Proteolitic Action enzymatic detergents, refurbishing products for instruments and autoclaves, lubricants, germicidal surface disinfectants, scope brushes and sponges, odor eliminators, betadine stain removers and more.

Website: www.ruhof.com


Sophysa offers a highly specialised range of CSF shunts, external drainage systems and ICP monitors. Sophysa was the first company in the world to manufacture the 1st adjustable valve, and Polaris®, the 1st MRI-stable adjustable valve.

Sophysa markets technically advanced solutions to serve the needs of healthcare providers and patients in three areas: Neurosurgery and Intensive Care Units.
Sophysa, at the heart of the brain.

Website: www.sophysa.com