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Fifth VentricleTM Basic

The Fifth VentricleTM Basic system consists of a 100 ml graduated drip chamber, 800 ml disposable drainage bag mounted on a rigid pressure scale with adjustable cord for easy suspension & pressure adjustment.

  • Complete and ready-to-use for trauma cases.
  • Precision pressure scale provides readings in mm Hg and cm H2O.
  • 100 ml precision collection chamber graduated in 1 ml increments for improved accuracy.
  • Cost effective 800 ml replacement bag maximizes fluid collection and reduces bag replacement.
  • Ribbed environmentally friendly EVA bag material ensures easy filling.
  • CSF drainage bag port allows bag to be emptied without bag replacement.
  • Stopcock with Bionector, a neutral pressure needle free, access device which eliminates the potential for needle stick injuries.
  • Latex free.
  • Integral hydrophobic air-filters allow atmospheric venting of system while providing bacterial barrier.
  • Available with 178 cm kink resistant pressure tubing to permit longer separation of patient & system.
  • Green tubing stripe for easy identification of patient line.
  • Drain bag cap & check valve designed to ensure safe handling by nursing staff.