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Phoenix Neuro

Sophysa is proud to announce the acquisition of the complete product portfolio of Vygon Neuro creating the world’s most comprehensive CSF Management surgical solution set!

Phoenix Neuro Highlights

Among the Sophysa products, the Phoenix Neuro range gathers together the neurosurgery products previously produced and sold by Vygon Neuro.

Phoenix Neuro is the legacy of the first shunt design to be worldwide accepted for its resistance to overdrainage, the cruciform valve, which was initially developed and marketed by the Holter company.

This first product was developed successively by Phoenix Biomedical Corp. and then by Vygon into a broad neurosurgery range which completes advantageously the Sophysa offer today.

Phoenix Neuro is today a diverse line of hydrocephalus management products including valves, shunt systems, catheters and accessories aimed at diverting the excess CSF from the fluid compartments of the brain to other parts of the body or to an external drainage site, and reducing the intracranial pressure (ICP) associated with CSF accumulation.

Hydrocephalus Valves

Phoenix Neuro offers various classical differential pressure valves technologies. In addition, it offers one of the two flow regulating valves available on the market.

The Phoenix Neuro valves are:

the CRx valve, a fixed-flow valve incorporating a modern version of the mechanism of the first shunt model ever developed successfully;

the Diamond valve, a self-adjusting flow regulating shunt adapting to differential ICP caused by changes in the patient’s position;

External Drainage Systems

The Phoenix Neuro external drainage systems count three systems under the umbrella trademark “Fifth Ventricle”:

  • Fifth Ventricle Eco;
  • Fifth Ventricle Basic;
  • Fifth Ventricle Premium