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Fifth VentricleTM External Drainage

The Phoenix Neuro Fifth VentricleTM is a system for the drainage of cerebrospinal fluid from the lateral ventricles of the brain or from the lumbar subarachnoid space and for monitoring intracranial pressure.

The Phoenix Neuro Fifth VentricleTM are closed systems accurate measuring devices, which provides safe, simple & precise external monitoring of ICP & drainage of cerebral spinal fluid.

The Phoenix Fifth VentricleTM Drainage System consists of two basic components: an 800 milliliter collection bag, and patient tubing set.

From there, the systems are available in three configurations:

  • A first configuration, the Fifth VentricleTM Eco, is delivered with a cord and an adhesive scale to be mounted on an IV pole.

Two other configurations allow CSF Flow monitoring thanks to a graduated drip chamber:

  • The Fifth VentricleTM Basic, which is delivered with a cord mounted card;
  • The Fifth VentricleTM Premium, which is delivered with a reusable pole mounted scale.

The ventriculostomy catheters are available in fifteen, twenty-three-point-five and thirty-five centimeter lengths with depth marking. All are radiopaque and come with a stylet, trocar and luer connectors.

Lumbar catheters come in ninety centimeter and forty-six centimeter lengths. Each lumbar catheter comes with a fourteen gauge Tuohy needle, Luer lock connector, and other accessories. The ninety centimeter lumbar catheter comes with a guidewire.